Music of the Returning Journey

Music Of The Returning Journey is a creative opportunity to blend the authenticity of southern blues with traditional “big drums” or Pow Wow drums of the First Nations culture. This is a uniquely Canadian concept. The concept for “Music Of The Returning Journey” is to explore, through songwriting and performance, the connection between traditional indigenous music and the blues.

High-risk youth will be taught the history, the songs and traditions of the Pow Wow drum. Professional musicians will create original music to be performed for the two groups to combine and work with to create and perform new music.

Dalannah Bowen, a consummate jazz and blues vocalist, combines her musical talents with her African-Canadian and Cherokee background in this project. The work includes blues, jazz, and traditional First Nations songs intertwined with original poems that come from every part of her life experience. All the music is written by Bowen and Grammy-nominated producer and musician Michael Creber, who has worked with many great talents such as k.d. lang and David Foster.

“The Returning Journey” is the semi-autobiographical story of Dalannah Gail Bowen. It is her story of hope and joy, of overcoming the tragedies of child-abuse, addiction and homelessness to “becoming” – becoming whole and a contributor to society and to her art. Sharing the deepest of emotions of her personal journey, the audience will be moved with this thought provoking and inspiring performance.” – Firehall Theatre Review

In partnership with:
Tsukus Consulting
Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA)
United Native Nations