Reaching Up and Reaching Out

Reaching Up and Reaching Out: Vancouver Christian School

This year at Vancouver Christian School, we are focusing on the theme Reaching Up and Reaching Out. The Olympics are coming this year and we are reaching up as we are celebrating the achievements of many athletes from across the world. We also realize though that there are many marginalized people who are affected negatively by this event. As a school, we are educating our students about Vancouver’s issues of homelessness and lack of affordable housing. Both the Grade Two and Six classes that participated in this community quilt project are excited about the benefits this quilt will bring to the Downtown Eastside and the Centre for Arts.


Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts is auctioning Reaching Up and Reaching Out as part of the Fabric Arts Program 2009 – Community Quilt Project.

Creators:  Grade Two Teacher – Miss Sheri Poelman, Grade Two Students – Abigail, Matthew, Dario, Odelia, Sheldon, Bryce, Boaz, Bernardo, Zoe, Mica, Mark, Jenna, Cristian, Daman, Vanessa. Grade Six Teacher – Mrs. Mary De Boer, Grade Six Students – Sophie, Breyanne, Tabitha, Michael, Chase, Richard, Paulo, Marie-Pierre, Mark, Eden, Brian, Jessica, Nathan, Vanessa, Casey, Preston, Rebekah, Zarlyn, Ashley, Chae-Young.