One Square at a Time

One Square at a Time: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

We received the information about the Community Quilt Project via email and thought this would be a great project and wanted to get on board. All the squares were made with lots of TLC. This was a very satisfying and rewarding project for the seniors group at Kitsilaino Neighborhood House.


Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts is auctioning One Square at a Time as part of the Fabric Arts Program 2009 – Community Quilt Project.

Creators: Joan Harvey, Annett Greening, Barbara Moyle, Julia DeWinter, Catherine Leach, Julie Wall, Selina Chew, Sheryl Law, Sylvia Halvorson, Maria Gonzales, Johanna Turner, Sally Chan, Marguerite MacLennan, Bea Brereton, Jan MCRobb, Rachel Chow, Louise Wong, amd Karen Lawrie