Community Quilt Stories


The Community Quilt Project 2009

The Community Quilt Project, which began in May 2009, was inspired by the treasured Women’s Memorial Quilt. Residents, cultural groups, and community groups are invited to contribute a square for a community quilt or create a quilt with their group. The quilts are exhibited for the community to enjoy and then auctioned to raise money for the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and the community groups who contributed.

Community quilting excites personal expression, connects people, and creates community. The Community Quilt project gave people from different communities with different life experiences the opportunity to learn an ancient craft, to create together in an open and encouraging environment, and to connect and come to know one another better in the process. Quilters had the opportunity to tell their story and talk about their work.

People interested in creating fabric art workshops are invited to contribute their ideas email

Community Quilts

Bella Italia
Breaking the Silence
Canada Mourns
Coyote Comforts
Crazy 8
Downtown Dreams
Flower Bed
For the Love of Flowers
Fractured Flannels
Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves
From the Heart
Memorial to Breast Cancer Victims
One Square at a Time
Paper Prayer
Pieces of Christmas
Reaching Up and Reaching Out
Self-Blessing Mandala
The Spiders View
Tough and Tender
Under the Sea
Women: Chocolate, Love, Life, and Spirit

Community Quilt Contributors