Everyone is invited to explore the artist within
and contribute to creating the
Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts.

Experience the opportunity for personal expression through storytelling, fabric arts, painting, theatre, music, and dance and meet new friends.

Contribute your time, creative abilities, space, services, equipment, materials, tools, and ideas for creative activities. Create relationships with people in our community.

Propose an idea and collaborate with others to create new activities, events, and opportunities.

Sponsor an artist, an event, a concert, an exhibition, a venue, a program, or a creative activity.

Leave a comment, sign up to be kept informed, and become part of the communication team.

Tell us how you would like to become involved and what you would like to contribute.


Contribute to creating the
Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and
contribute to strengthening and celebrating
our community

If you would like to make a donation our mailing address is PO BOX 88544, Vancouver BC, V6A 4A7. You can print a DeCentreContributionForm to enclose with your financial contribution. Please make cheques payable to Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts. Thank you.