Roger Chilton

“I think the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts is an idea in the right place at the right time. The Downtown Eastside is a community rich with artists, cultural diversity, entrepreneurial ideas, and opportunities. It is also a community struggling with social challenges experienced by many other cities.

The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts is an opportunity to demonstrate how the arts and creative expression can contribute to improving our personal health and well-being and enhancing our ability to connect, learn, and create community together.

Creating the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts will contribute to creating community in the neighbourhood and around the world.”


My life experience has been in engineering systems, management consulting, marketing, and communications. For the last twenty years my creative interest and my enterprise has been engineering a communication system and a creative community enterprise to create community around enterprises that are contributing to our common human interests.

I have been an active contributor and investor in the idea and the evolution of the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts since Dalannah Bowen announced her intention to take on the role of creating the enterprise.

I could see how this idea and enterprise could contribute to improving the quality of life and the creative possibilities for people who live in the community defined by the Downtown Eastside. I could also see this as an opportunity to explore, to learn, and to demonstrate how we can create community and excite creative community enterprise around a common interest, and an opportunity to create a model and a new way of seeing and doing things to improve our ability to create possibilities for our Greater Vancouver community.

In particular, I saw this as an opportunity for the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, our creative community, and our business, health, education, and social service communities to benefit from opportunities to make a contribution and to become creatively involved in increasing the contribution of this idea and enterprise to our community and common human interests.

I took on the role of Communication Director for the Centre and designed, created, and operated a web site as a communication centre for what I saw could become a creative community enterprise.

I see the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts as an opportunity to pull our community together and give all of us interested in the idea an opportunity to create a place for ourselves and contribute to exploring and learning how we can create connections with our arts and our creative expression, and how we can create community and creative enterprise around creating opportunities for the artist in everyone.

In my opinion, learning how to create community and excite creative community enterprise around our common human interests is how we create a future for our community and our world.